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Below are links to great games you can play for free. Click on the yellow game name to play.

Drive and dodge
In this game, you control a car, driving anti-clockwise, which has to pic all flags. The movement of the car is restricted. It cannot turn, and can only witch lanes inwards or outwards at open spaces, up to two lanes at a time using arrow keys on your keyboard. To switch to a specific lane, you have to push the up,down,left or right arrow key for the direction you want to go. The car can also witch between two speeds using the space key on your keyboard. Switching is deliberately restricted to one lane at a time when driving fast. Driving in clockwise direction are one or two enemy cars, which try to ram you. These can only switch one lane at a time.

Pingu Sports
This game is based on the classic game "Breakout' except with acrobatic penguins thrown in. The object is to break all the blocks with your penguins. In order to launch your penguins you have to position a springboard under a falling penguin and then use the laws of gravity and leverage to send the other penguin toward the blocks of ice that are mysteriously floating in mid-air. Miss a falling penguin and it disappears under the ice. Loose too many penguins and it's game over. The aspect of this game that makes it tougher than your standard Breakout type game is positioning the springboard. Just keeping the penguins in the air is challenging, trying to actually aim them is even harder, especially if you are laughing at the sheer absurdity of the situation.

Yellow Out 
Move the cars, trucks, and automobiles to get the yellow car out of the parking lot.

3D Worm
Guide the 3D worm around the screen picking up the apples, but making sure you don't crash. Very much like the snake game.

Milk Panic
Cows in our farm have eaten something unknown and are producing instant milk. Object of this game is to milk them before they explode. Don't forget to empy your bucket before milking some more. 

The Turtle Bridge 
Carry the baggage from the left bank to the right bank of the river and return back to get more baggage. To cross the river the only choice you have is the turtle bridge. Hop over the back of turtles to get to the other end. 
Warning: The turtle bridge is not stable so be careful

Jungle Dave 
In this game you have to get the keys then jump through the levels to get to the top of the jungle. But avoid all the traps and bats that will make you fall down. 

Catch jumping passengers into lifebuoys and make their way to nearest shore. One lifebuoy can hold only three.



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