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Dress Up Games

Show Horse Dress Up

Pop Star Dress Up - Help Maria get dressed up before hitting the stage.

Shopping Dress Up - She wants to go shopping and needs your help looking fabulous.

Winter Bobleign Dress Up - White stands for winter,because of snow.Heart stands for hot,because of sport.Maybe putting them together is a good idea.Dean likes playing bobleign with hot heart in winter.Dress her up and give her a happy travel.

Forest Fairy Annie - Dress the peaceful and nature loving forest fairy in ethereal outfits!

Cute Mouse Dress up - Dress these cute mice in a variety of clothing.

Paris Hilton Dress Up - A beautiful celebrity and fashion dress up is in her blood. Dress Paris Hilton from the collection of dresses, accessories, shoes you have and make a complete makeover.

Lizzie McGuire Dress Up - Help Lizzi Mcguire put on some very fashionable clothes. Use zoom in and out for your better application and make her look really nice.

Turkey Dress up - Dress the Thanksgiving Turkey in a in a variety of clothing (you can even dress him as a superhero).

Cherry Soda - You are a waitress in the best soda cafe in town! Decide what you will be wearing tonight.

Keroppi - Keroppi, the famous frog in the Sanrio family is getting ready to go out for a stroll. What should he wear?

Plushie - Tired of your parents not wanting to buy you the toy you want? Well here is your chance to create your own! Decorate your favorite childhood toy with different patches and colors.

Special Makeover - A special makeover game in a new perspective! You can change just about everything, even her hand! Try it out!

Dawn of Heroes - Create the perfect costume for your hero - select from the available superhero costumes, masks and armor.

Little Angel - Dress the baby angel in a many outfits, halos and wings.

Wedding Dress up game - Get the bride ready for her wedding.

Charlie's Angel's Dress up - Dress the Angels in a variety of clothing.

Pocahontas - Dress Pocahontas in many types of outfits, including ball gowns.

Police Woman dress up - Many types of uniforms and accessories to dress her up.

Bela - Dress up Bela in many beautiful dresses and accessories.

Gothic Girl - Many outfits, hairstyles and shoes.

Peppy Animals Mania - Dress the girl in many animal costumes and masks.

White Kitty dress up - Dress the white kitty in a variety of clothing and accessories.

Panda Dress Up - Dress the pand with a ton of cool clothes, then color the background where he lives.

Little Brown Puppy - Dress the puppy and decorate the dog house.

Horse Dress up - Dress the horse in fancy clothes and then decorate the background.

Kangaroo Dress Up Game - Dress the Kangaroo in fancy clothes, shoes, and glasses!

Amy the Artist - The famous artist from New York City. After you finish dressing her up, you can also help her with her painting!

Space Suit Fashion - Help Sam pick out her space suit before she goes into space and fights evil! Click the white figure on the top right corner to switch between body parts.

Jonas Brothers - The Jonas Brothers are getting ready for their big concert tonight! Help Joe, Nick, and Kevin choose their outfit.

Statue Of Liberty - Here is your chance to dress her up and have some fun with the Statue of Liberty.

Dollwizard - Dress and make your own custom dolls good for role playing or if you are just a creative mind..... See what you can make!

Dollwizard - Doll Maker

Elegant dress up game - Dress the girl in an elegant wardrobe.

Make me Over

Rock Dude Dress up

Funny Bunny - Dress up this funky bunny whichever way you want. Use your creativity don't be afraid to mess him up!

Hannah Montana - Dress up Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, whoever you know her as! This girl is a true sensation, trying to balance her school life and her Hollywood life!

Cat Girl - Dress up the most adorable half cat half girl ever. She can be an innocent princess, an angry goddess, whatever you want!

Cute Chef - Dress up this cute chef to get her ready for her cooking show.

Cutest Fridge - Design your own fridge with assorted magnets and put whatever you want inside! Fruits, milk, veggies, and more!

Kimono Girl - Kimonos refer to any type of traditional long garment. Today, mostly only women wear kimonos. Dress up this girl in your favorite kimono.

Minnie Mouse - Minnie Mouse has a date tonight with Mickey Mouse, help her choose an outfit that will make Mickey say WOW.

Naruto and Friends - Dress up Naruto, Sasuke, and Gaara. Mix and match, get them ready for battle!

Tomboy Princess - Wow, so beautiful a princess with open eyes. Do you want to make her more graceful?

Powerpuff Girls Cartoon Design

Sweet Little Girl

Ball Dress Up - Help the girl choose the best dress for her first ball!

Space Room Make Over - Create a new look for this out of the world room!

Zoo Decor Game - Create a new zoo for the animals to live.

Care Bear - Dress up the Care Bear in many bright and cheery outfits.

Stitch - Stich has some wacky outfits! So go and help him dress!

Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon is back and needs your fashion advice, before she heads back out and fights evil!

Pirate Cutie - Dress up this cute pirate!

Horse Girl - Oh yes, half horse/ half girl. Let your imagination go wild and dress up this horse girl!

Sissie - Dress up Sissie. Don't get mistake by her name, she is definitely not a sissie!

Power Puff Girls - They need your help now! Help dress them up and get them ready to kick some butt! GO POWERPUFF GIRLS!

Winnie the Pooh - Winnie the Pooh needs you help dressing up for the Halloween bash! Dress him up as his pals or something else!

Super Girl - Help dress up super girl, even she needs some fashion sense when fighting crime!

Stewie - Dress Stewie up as he takes over the world!

Secret Agent Puppy - This cute puppy is a secret spy for Planet puppie. Help him with his disguise to keep the earthlings from discovering his secret identity!

Alice - Alice in Wonderland needs a new outfit for her next adventure!

Angelica - Dress up Angelica from Rugrats. She is getting tired of wearing the same clothes in every episode!

Christmas Angel - This Christmas Angel will help you get all the gifts you want this year!

Cheerleader - Well lets give a cheer for dressing up this cheerleader!

Dora the Explorer - Dora the explorer needs your HELP! She can't decide what to wear! Can you help her?

Goth Girl - Help this girl decide what to wear! She needs your help deciding what outfit to wear!

Garfield - Help dress up your favorite cat Garfield!

Gingerbread Man - Help dress up this gingerbread man before he gets eaten! Hurry, time is precious for this delicious little guy!

Harry Potter - Harry Potter needs your help deciding what to wear for the hogwarts dance.

Hello Kitty - Dress up Hello Kitty as a power ranger, gangster, nerd, princess, and many many more!

Dress up doll (boy) - dress up the little boy. 

Dress Up Doll (girl) - dress up the little girl

Mr. Potato - the classic fun game of mixing up face parts.

Create A Troll Warrior - dress up the Troll.

My Sweet 16 Photo Shoot Dress up Game

Create a Zombie Dress up Game

Paris Hilton Dress up game

Avril Lavigne dress up game

Gerard Way dress up game

Johnny Depp dress up game

Hillary Duff dress up game

Ashley Tisdale dress up game

Fun Games

JJs Flower Garden - Step into this wonderful scenic garden and help JJ and her puppy bring back some color and life into the world! Grow new beautiful flowers for her garden by helping the plants get the right amount of water and nutrients they need. These stunning watercolor scenes and flowers will keep you playing for hours.

Girigiri Run - Jojoja the fatty samurai has stolen Onionis favourite food - Girigiri. Help Onioni get his Girigiri back! Run and jump to avoid all the obstacles, and dont get caught!

Ice Cream Game - Scoop yourself some gaming giggles with the sweet-as-pie tutticuti ice-cream game!

Tutti Cuti Diary - Sssh! Uncover the secrets of London 's hottest mystery girl-group, The 2TQTs, and discover the coolest school in England , Beauchamp Academy's all inside school sweetheart Cheeky's diary!

Cinema - Snuggle up with some hip tutticuti animations in the newly opened Beauchamp Cinema...Now showing The 2TQT movie - the latest pop-video from London 's hottest mystery girl-group!

Dance Studio - Visit the Cutesville dance studio and learn how to dance tutticuti™ style!

Tetris - Everyone’s favourite arcade game Tetris with a real tutticuti™ twist!

Wacko Jacko's Voodoo Curse  - This will amaze you!!!

Chili Eaters - can you eat the pepper faster than the computer?

Pick a card - the computer can read your mind.

Tony Blair Dancing - Now you can make the Prime Minister dance!

United we Dance - Make the President of the United States dance!!

Virtual Horoscope - check out your horoscope.

Ask Guru Joe - got a question you need answered. (like magic 8 ball) 

Wacky Faces - use this flash program to create some real wacky and fun faces!!

Mandala - change the cool designs in this fun to watch activity.  

Fireworks - sit back, relax and watch a great fireworks display!! 

Find the Word - solve this word search 

Blox - Just like using legos. A fun building activity.

Virtual Pet - Now you can have  your very own computer pet.

Guess a Number - see how many turns it takes for you to guess the number.  

Fishbowl - play with your new pet fish. Give him a name if you choose.

Crazy Sound Machine - create all kinds of fun sounds with this game.


Create a Tree - this cool program draw a unique tree every time you click on the picture. 

Draw pad - draw a picture that spins and pulsates. 

Slate - use this online chalk board to practice letters, numbers, anything... 

Kaboom - create a picture with the blue lines, then KABOOM it! 

Graffiti Wall - draw what you feel on the brick wall.

Draw Easy - a great drawing applet with several drawing options.

Encyclo - a very cool spirograph drawing applet.

Brain Puzzles

Star Wars Puzzle  - A great Sliding puzzle

Burning Rubber - a cool car sliding puzzle.

Dallas Burns Soccer Swapper - Solve the puzzles to see the great soccer pictures.

Click 'n' Slide - a slider puzzle with lots of pictures and difficulty levels. 

Pic n Pair People - match the people that go together. 

Pic n Pair Sports - match the person with the sport. 

Number slide - can you get all the numbers in the right order.

Rubik's Cube - this will keep you busy.

Mastermind - can you solve the puzzle?

Tiger Slider puzzle - requires the flash plugin

Cougar Slider puzzle - requires the flash plugin

Fish Slider puzzle - requires the flash plugin

Memory Builders

Funny face Memory - try to recreate the face from memory.

Stake out - can you find all the criminals by matching their picture? 

Animal match - requires the flash plugin

Fish match - requires the flash plugin

Bird match - requires the flash plugin


Maze Game - Come and help Minx make her way through the tutticuti™ maze, collecting her favourite lollipops and avoiding the poodles along the way!

Maze Builder - create your own maze to print. 

Maze - try to find your way out of this cool maze!

3d maze - solve the maze if you can!


Music Store - Create your own dance track, design and print out the cover and dance the night the away with the Atomic Babes!

Rainbow Notes - now you can write your own songs.

Music Keyboard - here's your chance to play songs using your keyboard. 

Jazz machine - If you like to play music, give this a try! 

Xylophone - learn to play this musical instrument! 


Mystery Madlibs - fill in the blanks and create your own story! 

Interactive Story - write your own version of Goldilocks and the three bears.   

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