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Read the jokes and riddles sent by visitors below. Use the arrow keys on the side to fast forward or reverse. Use the square to stop and start the list.

Q : A famous person in the 1890s was composing music. What is he doing now?
A : He is De-composing!

Q: What do you call a fish with no eye
A: Fsh

from Mallorie age 9

Q: Where do cars go for a swim
A: At the Carpool

Q: what has eyes but can't see?
A: A needle or a black eye pea!

from April

Q: What kind of sport starts with a t?
A: Golf

from Nicola and Ashley / age 12 / United Kingdom (Wales)

Q: why was the deer the only one that got rained on?
A: Because it was a rain deer

Curtain: Doctor doctor i think im getting a disease!
Doctor: Oh, draw yourself together mate!

from Heather

Q: Why did the kid walk backwords to school?
A: Because it was back to school night. Daily Fun

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