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STRAW entertainment media machine   STRAW Edutainment's PopUp Media Machine: The Adventures of Strawman and Dr. Warts!
Quick Words Fill the squares with words. Fun! -
Confidential Cryptograms
Try to figure out the code! 
Letter Rip  
A fun Game to play
BrainPOP movie of the day

You will like this a bunch. Very informative, very cool.

Fun Calculator

Use this when you need help with your figures


Learn how to tell time with this cool clock activity!

Topic Tangle

Unscramble the words related to the topic 

Thesaurus Tangle

Find the word with the same meaning 

Math Quiz

Here is a fun activity that will help you in your schoolwork!

Flash Cards

A good way to learn math and have some fun


Click on the letters and start writing words. 

Lemonade Stand

See if you can get rich in your own business.

Arithmetic 24 

A fun and addictive game where you must use math concepts to score 24.

Holiday Endurance 

A fun game about finding and matching shapes.

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