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Projects for under 6 years old

Aunt Sally's
Aunt Sally 2
Balancing Butterfly
Balancing Forks
Blot Painting
Blanket Tent
Comb Painting
Donkeys tail game
Fish (Mobile)
Fish Racing
Foil Picture


Faces On Sticks
Finger Painting
Frothy Paint


Leaf Picture

Macaroni Necklace
Magic Hearts
Magic Candle

Potato Paint

Party Hats
Potato Figures
Potato Hedgehog 
Seaside Plate
Splatter Painting
Straw Painting
String Painting
Sock Puppet
Snake & Caterpiller
Sewing Cards

Projects for over 6 years old

Bean Bags
Blow an Egg

Braided Wristlet

Coke bottle rocket
Cotton Reel Racers
Dancing Streamers

Dolls House
Elastic band pistol
Foil Flower
French Arrows

Leaf Fossil
Magic Heat Spiral
Nut & Bolt Banger

Paper arrow shooter

Paddle Steamer
Paper Cracker
Paper Mache Hats
Play Dough
Pom Pom Balls
Rain Stick
Secret Letter

Spinning Disk
Splat the Rat
Tadpole Racers
Tin Can Phones
Tin Can Stilts
Twisted looped trail
Vortex Bottles
Water Bombs
Weaving Cards
Wooden Stilts
Wool Picture

The following videos are from - Click on a link and see videos on the subject


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