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Click on the picture of the story you wish to read. You will also find games and other activities.

Reddy Fox Peter Rabbit
Prickly Porky A Little Princess
Paddy the Beaver Old Mr. Toad
Jimmy Skunk Johunny Chuck
Grandfather Frog Jerry Muskrat
Buster Bear Danny Meadow Mouse
Bobby Raccoon Bowser The Hound
Tom Tit and the Bear Ash Puttel
Thumbelina Little Tom Thumb
The Fairies The Wild Swans
Sleeping Beauty Snow Queen
Selfish Giant Shoemaker and the Elves
Twelve Dancing Princesses Young Giant and the Tailor
Rumpelstiltzkin Sea Serpent
Ricky with the Tuft Rose Red
Poor Mrs. Quack Rapunzel
Perrault Fairytales Pinocchio
Old Mother West Wind Old Sultan
Little Mermaid Mrs. Peter Rabbit
Jungle Book Little Match Girl
Jack and the Beanstalk Jorinda and Jorindel
Hans in Luck Happy Prince
Grateful Beast Hansel and Gretel
Goblin at the Grocers Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Frog Prince Giant with the Three Golden Hairs
Frankenstein Frederick and Catherine
Fir Tree Fisherman and his Wife
Elf in Hill Elf in Grove
Chatterer The Red Squirrel Doctor Dolittle
Blue Beard Puss in Boots
Adventures of Tom Sawyer Beauty and the Beast
Animated Shakespeare Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Adventures of Robin Hood Animated Santa Claus
Animated Mother's Day Animated Myths
Animated Mother Goose Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Animated Easter Animated Father's Day
Three Little Pigs Animated Aesop Fables
Twelve Days of Christmas Three Billy Goats
Classic Fairy Tales Animated Tall Tales
Grimm Fairy Tales Andersen Fairy Tales
Animated Christmas Animated Halloween
Real Princess Leaping Match
Brementown Musicians Faithful John
Emperor's New Suit Toons Canada
Kids Fun Canada Kid Stuff Canada
Heritage Moments Children Canada
Animated Thanks Giving Little Red Riding Hood
Adventures of Peter Rabbit Three Billy Goats Gruff
Three Musketeers Animated Holiday
Animated King Arthur Alice In Wonderland
Animated Mark Twain Adventures Of Peter Pan
Adventures Of Peter Cottontail Animated Robin Hood
Animated Stories Wizard Of Oz
Animated Valentines Burgess Animal Book
Geographyrocks King Grisly Beard
Peter Cottontail Playtime Canada
Reading For Kids Real Fairy Tales
Red Shoes Science Toons
Shoes Of fortune Story of Pocahontas
Stead Fast Tin Soldier Swiss Family Robinson
Granny Fox Blacky The Crow
Kidnapped Rebecca Of Sunny Brokk Farms
The Nightingale


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