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shidonni1 Shidonni - is a virtual world where what you draw comes to life! You then feed, care for, and play games with your creation.
Dress Up Gal - This is no ordinary site for girls! Girls like to play dressup games but who is to say that they can't play boys games as well? We have put together a collection of fun and exciting games such as Barbie Games and Hannah Montana Games from many categories sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.
Miss O & Friends - By girls, for girls. Lots of fun dressups and other activities. - Easy-to-use listings with descriptions and links to free dressup games and related activities.
Games for girls - The best games online for girls!
Dress Up Luv - The best place for online dress up games! Girl games, guy games, we got em all. - A great site with many dressup and roommaker games!
The Dress Up World - Free online dress up games, fashion games, doll makeover games, and room decoration games. You can select each category and go inside the DRESSUP WORLD .


Gamesland - The only gamesland just for girls with room makers, dress up and makeup games. - Free Online Games For Girls.

Garfield - Help dress up your favorite cat Garfield!

Garfield's Comic Creator - Create a Garfield comic strip.

Garfield the cat comic creator

Gas Station Attendant - This girl was on her way to work when her car needed filling up. She is the type of girl who always needs to look her best no matter what situation she is in, but luckily she had you to style her up that morning so she is more than happy to be seen in public.

Georgie Henly Makeover - Winter is here and so is all of its wonderful fashionable clothing. As a stylist you get many of the Hollywood stars come to you for the seasonal makeover. As it happens Georgie Henly has come to you for one of your famous makeover. Help her to choose what clothes, accessories and makeup to wear so that she can fit the season in style.

ghouls night out - Ghoul's Night Out - Ghoulia Yelps's sense of fashion is never falling apart. She may have to sew her limbs back on every once in a while, but with her high heeled boots and full body pleather suits, she'll always be one step ahead of Monster High's fashion curve. Dress up Ghoulia and her wise pet owl, Sir Hoots a Lot, for an in vogue fashion zombie look!

GI Joe Gal - GI Joe Gal is going to be going on a secret mission. She needs your help to choose from all of her different spy clothes to suit her mission. Be sure that once your done choosing her clothes and accessories that you choose her weapons as well. You never know what dangers GI Joe Gal might encounter of these dangerous missions.

Girls Night at the Movies - These 2 friends love to get dressed up when they go to the movies, just in case they meet someone cute! Today it will be your job to make them feel absolutely great by dressing them up in some of the most stylish clothing in their wardrobes. Slowly make your way through the different items of clothing until you come across the style you think looks best.

Gina's Garden - As you love the garden so much, you should look good doing it! Choose the right outfit for your solid day of gardening, remember to make sure its going to be comfortable since your going to be working all day!

Gina's Golf Getaway - It's time to enjoy a fun golf getaway. Pick your favorite golfing outfit, golf clubs, and accessories to match. Careful not to hit the sand trap!

Gingerbread Man - Help dress up this gingerbread man before he gets eaten! Hurry, time is precious for this delicious little guy!

Gingerbread Boy & Girl Maker - A selected group of games for your enjoyment.

Girl Dress up - Dressup this beautifull girl in this special fashion with an antique trend,
she has dressses, shoes, hair, accessories,beltz, socks, hats, uniforms, etc - girl games, dress up, makeover, fashion, sim, online games for girls and kids to play.

Girls in Flowers - Help dress these trendy sisters as they run their own floral shop making beautiful bouquet of flowers for customers and friends!

Girls loves Bratz dolls - Here you can interact with your fav Bratz doll (baby Bratz too),changing her clothes, hair, make up. Roommakers , acuarium maker and more games are also in the site. You
will love play with Bratz!!

Girls Room - A complete room maker, with different room styles.

Girl Scouts dress up

GirlSense - Must join to do activities.


Glamour Dolls

Glamorous Dress-Up - Three easy fun dress-up games from DressUpGames Directory.

Glitter Princess - Dress the lovely princess in sparkly, glitter clothes, shoes and accessories and choose a good hairstyle for her! The finishing touch is of course a sparkly crown or a tiara fit for a princess!

Go See Challenge - In this game you will be using your fashion skills to make this girl look as beautiful as possible so that she can get the modeling job. Select the best clothes to come up with the right outfit for the go see. This girl wants to get the job so try to help her get the style right!

Going Green Dress Up - You are an eco-friendly girl interested in making a difference for the environment. You love the countryside and it surely loves you! Enjoy riding your bike into the horizon as the sky changes color with the setting sun and you appreciate the beauty of nature. Go planet green! Surely you will get noticed in your lovely organic clothing selections.

Going Shopping In Style - It's time to spend some cash on some new clothes, the thing is you have to look good while doing it! Take a gander at all your clothing in your wardrobe, once you have looked at it all you should choose the items that go together and suit you. Remember you have lots of time before you leave to the shops so choosing an outfit for shopping on the high street shouldn't bee hard at all!

Goosebumps Monster Maker - Choose putrid parts and frightening features to conjure up a freaky fiend that only a mummy could love. Put him together, then watch him do the Monster Mambo!

Gothic Gabby - Time for a cool and colorful dress up game, lets see how your fashion sense can deal with a style called Goth! This style is full of colors and cool tattoo like stencils for your skin! Brightly colored hair is also part of the style. Put together a cool and colorful Goth outfit for Gabby. Gabby is about to go meet up with her friends and she cant wait to show them what her professional stylist (you) has done for her!

Gossip Gal - Enjoy dressing up one of the gossip girls from the TV series! Whether you watch them online or on TV, their fashion statements are one of a kind. Try on your favorite outfits and accessories!

Goth Girl - Help this girl decide what to wear! She needs your help deciding what outfit to wear!

Gothic Fairy Styling - Gothic fairy styled girls like the dark and evil look! Put together the best dark fairy outfit possible for this girl, shes going to a fancy dress party and needs your help to make the best outfit for the dance! She called you for help because she know how good you are at making eye catching outfits. Prove her right and make the best outfit that will be at the party tonight.

Gothic Game dress up

Gothic Girl - If you are looking to find gothic girls - this is the game for you! Find the inner gothic girl in you by dressing up in a gothic outfit for halloween, or just because you like it. You can expect to see a lot more vampires and Goth girls around. Vampires have even inspired a return to Gothic chic on the New York and Paris fashion runways! Also try on some accessories to match your hard edge style and makeup.

Gothic Girl Dress Up - Many outfits, hairstyles and shoes.

Graceful Gymnast - The Olympics have arrived again and this year you have the best chance of winning with all your training, now all you need is an awesome outfit to impress the judges. Mix and match all your different items to come up with an outfit that is sure to catch the eye of a judge.

Graffiti Creator - Not a dress up game, but very fun.

Great fashion dolls to dress up.

Greek Mythology - Greek gods and goddesses doll. Create many of the well-known characters like: Aphrodite, Perséphone, Zeus, Athéna and others.

Groovy Girls - A groovy site to do groovy things.

Guitar Diva - Great tunes, great clothes, great look. Rock out on the guitar in high fashion! Pick your guitar, your clothes, and lets Rock and Roll.

Guitar Music Show Girl -This girl loves her music, especially her guitar! She plays in a band and she's the lead guitarist! They are performing a show tonight and need to look their best, the lead guitarists stylist has not turned up to help you get dressed! Its going to be down to you to choose the right outfit for the performance tonight! Go through all the items until you find something that looks good, good luck!


Gusher's - Re-do your room

Gym Maker

Gyouza Speed Cooking - Do you enjoy learning to cook new food? Do you like Asian foods? if you like both of those you may have found a great game for yourself. Simple create the Gyouza as quickly as possible as they sell out very quickly at your food stand. This all comes down to the art of speed cooking. Getting it wrong could turn your customers away however, getting it right will in fact bring you more customers. This game is a fast paced cooking game, are you up for the challenge?

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