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shidonni1 Shidonni - is a virtual world where what you draw comes to life! You then feed, care for, and play games with your creation.
Dress Up Gal - This is no ordinary site for girls! Girls like to play dressup games but who is to say that they can't play boys games as well? We have put together a collection of fun and exciting games such as Barbie Games and Hannah Montana Games from many categories sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.
Miss O & Friends - By girls, for girls. Lots of fun dressups and other activities. - Easy-to-use listings with descriptions and links to free dressup games and related activities.
Games for girls - The best games online for girls!
Dress Up Luv - The best place for online dress up games! Girl games, guy games, we got em all. - A great site with many dressup and roommaker games!
The Dress Up World - Free online dress up games, fashion games, doll makeover games, and room decoration games. You can select each category and go inside the DRESSUP WORLD .


3 Way Mirror - Being a famous model you have to make sure your dressed to perfection and look good from all angles. Use the 3 way mirror to find the perfect outfit! Make sure she looks good, we don't want her to loose her spectacular reputation for her absolute perfection in fashion.

Tabby Tailor - The most important relationship for a young fashionista is with her clothing designer! She'll be right there to suggest amazing variations on a retro look, or even give you a personalized touch on a current fad. Style the model and the terrific tailor for a strikingly stylish new look!

Tack Picker - Pick a horse then Drag saddles, pads, boots, etc. onto it to see what colors will look best. After, Drag a rider and choose clothing and hair color for the rider!

tangledTangled dress up game - Dress up game based on the great Disney movie.

Tanisha the Decorator - Today Tanisha is having all new furniture delivered. She has dreamed of being a decorator and here is her chance, starting with her own house! She needs your help to he pick the best items to put in the right place around the room so it looks nice, but before all that she will need to get dressed. Mix and match all the different clothing items until you come up with something perfect, once you have found an outfit for Tanisha you can help her style the house!

Tara Taurus - Tara is a homegrown country girl with a burning desire to become the next big thing in the entertainment industry! She may have to drive the cattle today, but after she gets that signature style, she's going to be driving box office sales for years to come!

Tarako -Dress up the new doll that Japan is crazy about!

Tattoo Mirror Dress Up - This cute model has come to your for a complete makeover for her upcoming fashion show. The theme of the show is tattoos with a punk style on the side. Help her to choose what tattoo’s to do and where to place them on her body. Be sure that you have the all of the tattoos somewhat matching. Once you have finished choosing her tattoos choose what clothes and accessories she needs to wear to go down the run way in style. 

Taylor Lautner Dress Up - Twilight’s hunk by day, werewolf by night – Jacob Black needs help choosing a cute outfit to steal Bella Swan from Edward. Can you help him? Team Jacob!

Taylor Swift Dress Up - Dress the talented Taylor Swift. Pick out clothes from Taylor Swift's wardrobe and mix and match them to create a perfect look for a concert, a TV appearance, a music video, a party or anything you want.

Team Rocket - from Pokemon (18 sets) 

Technical & Savvy Girl Fashion Game - This girl loves her technical gadgets and musical instruments. After chatting with her friends online, she wants to meet up with them at the mall. Meeting at the mall is going to be great fun, the only problem is she does not know what to wear for the occasion. To help this girl choose the right outfit you will need to take your time and go through the different items in the game. Once you have chosen the items you think go well together, she will be ready to go to the mall. Take your time while choosing the clothes, its not a race!

Teddy bear dress up

Teddy Bear Picnic Adventure - During the lovely summer time why not take your teddy and yourself on a wonderful picnic in the park. Make sure that you design your cute little teddy to exactly how you want it, you may choose what ever color's, styles, eyes and any other feature you can think of. Once you have your teddy just how you like it its time to choose what foods, drinks and picnic baskets you want to take with you.

Teddy Bear Stationery Maker

Teen Fashions

Texas Girl dress up

Thanksgiving Crafts - Thanksgiving Dolls.


The Dressup World - The best free online dress up games, fashion games, doll makeover games, and room decoration games. You can select each category and go inside the DRESSUP WORLD .

The Girl That Loves The Color Pink - This girl loves the color pink, her car is pink, and her clothes are too! Design an outfit for her keeping her favorite color pink as the dominate color through out the outfit. She will be driving her pink car to the her photo shoot so make sure she looks great next to her pink Chevy.

The Princess and The Frog - From the new hit Disney movie, The Princess and The Frog! Dress Tiana in lovely princess worthy gowns so she can kiss the frog prince. Drag and drop the items from the right. Choose from glamorous crowns and jewelry too!

The Survivors - Your the dress up artist for a new show called survivors, you have been asked to come up with a outfit for the show. Dress both the guy and the gal so they look perfect!

The Virtual Elvis

Theme Park Outing - Choose the cutest outfit possible for your exciting day out to the theme park. Remember to choose your skirts, tops and dresses wisely for those incredibly thrilling and super fast roller coaster rides. While your at the carnival you may even want to stop off to take some pictures of you and your friends with your camera or even enjoy some refreshing ice cream for those hot days. Try not to waste too much time in the long lines!

Think Pink World - Make your fashion-Pink rooms for your doll!

Three Little Pigs in "Porkshop"! - The Wolf is coming! Choose a pig to dress up so the Wold won't eat you. Brought to you by KIDOONS.

Three Person Music Band - Dress Up three people at once! As a leading and established fashion stylist you have been called on to give a complete makeover for this amazing three person music band. Help them to choose what clothes and accessories to wear so that they may go on stage with a fashionable bang. After choosing all of the artists clothes and accessories be sure to style their instruments as well. We always know with rock bands that its all got to fit together.

Thumbelina in "Designer Bubbles!" - Even when you're stuck in a bubble traveling with the breeze, who says you can't look stylish while doing it? Dress up Thumbelina so she can impress her Prince Charming! Brought to you by KIDOONS.

Thursday Baby - Incredible everyday fashion game in which you'll be able to create a casual look for the most important day of the work week: Thursday! When you've lots of work, working or studying, the most important thing is to show off a comfortable and casual style with manga-colored clothes and accessories.

Time To Make Apple Pancakes - It's time to make some apple pancakes for the kids, lets get them to help us cook them. Help each child with the ingredients, once the ingredients for each child is used and mixed ready for cooking, you will bake and cook the pancakes ready for the children to eat. Lets see what their response are to your cooking!

Tinkerbell dressup game - Various outfits, like hats, shoes and jewelry.  

Tinksnook -A great Tinkerbell site.

Tom and Sally Baby Picnic - You made a play date with your friends baby, your off to the park for a picnic play date. Get your baby dressed for the play date so he or she looks as cute as can be. Use your mouse to play the game!

Tomboy Princess - Wow, so beautiful a princess with open eyes. Do you want to make her more graceful?

Tom Cruise Celebrity Makeover - Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise always needs to look cool. Use your fashion skills to make sure Tom Cruise will be the coolest looking star at the next Oscar red carpet.

Tommy fashion friends

Too Much Ice Cream - Too much ice cream? That's impossible! When you've got banana splits and sundaes that look this good, then you've got to get a spoonful, and if you're feeling generous, you can share with everyone at the table! Decorate these ice cream delights with chocolate shavings and sprinkles before you dive in and cool down with some delicious ice cream!

Torture your sister - The bridesmaid's dress up

The Toy Box (online toys and movies) - Tons of great stuff!

Toy Store - Where you can create, design and play with your own dream toy store.  

Tracy Beaker Robot Maker - Design your own robot  

Tracy Beaker dream room designer  

Trading Spaces - boys vs. girls room maker

Tree Elf Dress Up - Dress up the pretty elf girl fairy sitting in her tree and looking calm and peaceful. You can dress her up in different tops and skirts, flowy scarves and beautiful shiny jewelry. Fantasy world in the woods!  

TreeHouseTV - dress up your favorite character

Tree House Creator

Tree House Gal - You have just built a brand new tree house and want to give it a try out. Before you head up there though you are going to need to change your clothes. Choose from many different types of clothes and accessories so that you don't have to worry whilst your climbing up the tree. Once your up there spend some time wit the loving wild life and marvel in natures beauty.

Trendy Autumn Fairy - Autum is your favorite time of year and you are the most beautiful fairy in all the land. Its up to you how you dress your fairy and what colors, clothes and accessories you want her to wear. Be sure to make your autumn fairy the trendiest of all so people will always remember you.

Trendy Dress Up Gallery - You love to visit the art gallery, but not without a lovely outfit to match the occasion. The paintings are exquisite at this trendy gallery. Fortunately you came prepared so you will not be underdressed. Try not to make everyone else jealous.

Trendy Fall Fashion - Fall has arrived and its time to pick out an outfit for the colder weather. Just because its colder now does not mean you can't look awesome! Mix and match the clothing to look the best you can! Have fun and remember if you think it looks good, thats all that matters!

Trendy Girl Dressup - Choose from the selection of clothes and accessories to dress the girl. click on the icons on the left to change her eyes, skin color, hairstyles etc.

Trendy In Black - This girls favorite color is black and shes looking for someone to dress her up to look as beautiful as possible. Your task in this game is to help this girl look as beautiful as you can, choose from a wide range of dresses and make the perfect outfit for this girl.

Trendy Maid Dressup - Out of the entire staff that works at the mansion you are by far the trendiest maid of all. But as the New Year has rolled in so does a change of uniform. Choose from a wide variety of clothes and accessories to create the most professional yet elegant uniform. Once you have chosen your uniform present it to the lord of the mansion but judging by your style I’m sure that he won’t have any second thoughts.

Trendy Pink Fairy - This Pink Fairy may be pink and full of fun be she is having trouble getting ready for her fairy ball at the fairy palace. Dress her to look awesome, make sure her wings match her outfit so the queen fairy takes notice.

Trendy Skate Park - You love to hang out at the skate park and impress all the boys. So head on out to the park and try on your old school skates.

TRESemmé StyleSeek Boutique - Help Ella run her styling boutique but be quick or she'll lose her customers! This updated version of the popular game includes new levels and you can track your scores against your Facebook friends.

Tubs Dress Up - Mix and Match all the articles of clothing to make the most creative outfit! Think you have the best tubs outfit? Submit it to skuisi! We'll put him up so everyone can see him!!

Tudette Dress Up - Meet Tudette, Tudy's little sister, and get her into costume!

Tudy Doll   - Paper dolls you print at home, free dress up games and lots of Tudy Talk!

tuna saladTuna Salad Sandwich - One of the best sandwiches for a quick lunch is a tuna sandwich. Everyone makes their tuna sandwiches differently, but they are always healthy. Mix and match red onions, egg, tomatoes, celery, and garlic salt for any type of tuna sandwich you can imagine!

Turkey Dress up - Dress the Thanksgiving Turkey in a in a variety of clothing (you can even dress him as a superhero).

Turkey Dressing - It's the season to give thanks! It's Thanksgiving! There's just one problem...the KIDOONS family can't decide what their very own turkey should look like! Help them create a turkey! Will it be an Iroquois? A Pilgrim, or something totally wacky?! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey and Dressing

Tutenstein - Dress him up! Make him talk!

Tutticuti - Hey cuti, are you ready to get dolled up with the cutest dress-up game online. Choose from the freshest, funkiest retro-cute outfits in the fashion-fabulous tutticuti dress-up game.

Tweety dressup game

Twilight Dress up game

Twilight Girl Dress Up - A new moon is cast, and you are about to dress up one of the girls from the twilight show! Take the twilight challenge - test your skills and dress up one of the lovely girls of the twilight cast and see what fun outfits you can come up with. Be on the lookout for vampires.

Twin Teens Dress Up - Your twin brother and you are going on a train ride through the country side. Choose the most comfortable clothes and accessories so that you may relax whilst enjoying the scenery.

Two Babies Dress Up Game - Dress up the two cute little babies, he baby boy and the baby girl. Maybe they're twins? Lots of cute baby clothes and shoes, very sweet.

Tyra the VJ - Tyra the VJ - Tyra is a VJ on a popular TV show called The Music Show. She needs to look her best while rocking out the latest music. As the shows stylist you need to help her look as good as possible for the cameras and live audience. Mix and match all the different items until you come up with something that looks perfect for the show.

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